What Is PlayStation Plus, and Why Should You Care?

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that allows you access to certain features for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. The most important features are these:

  • Online multiplayer on PS4

  • Free games each month

  • Game discounts

  • Online game save storage

And here’s a handy chart showing which PlayStation platforms receive which benefits:


What is online multiplayer?

Online multiplayer is the main reason most people subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Anytime a game lets you play with other people who aren’t sitting in the room with you, that’s online multiplayer.

Online multiplayer is a key feature in many of the biggest games these days, including The Crew, Destiny, Call of Duty, The Last of Us, and many more. If you don’t want to play online, there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But if you want to fully experience many modern games, you’ll have to go online to do so.

You should also note that online multiplayer is always free on PS3 and PS Vita. A PlayStation Plus membership is only required to play online on the PS4.


What’s this about free games?

Aside from online multiplayer, the most obvious reason to subscribe to PlayStation Plus is to get free games. The selection of games available differs from month to month, but they always offer at least one game for all three systems — and usually more than one. The free titles are sometimes older games, but they’re often very good games that you might have overlooked.


Is a PlayStation Plus subscription worth it?

As with any purchase, it depends on your needs. If you like playing PS4 games online, it’s definitely worth it, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to play online.

Even if you don’t play online, however, it’s still probably worth doing just for the free games.